What I'm Reading | October 2015

pumpkin waffles

Well. Here we are, the thirty-first day of October. Last month I told you what was about to happen, and on Monday, October 5, our lives changed forever. It's been a pretty incredible few weeks. As it turns out, nursing provides ample time to catch up on RSS feeds and ebooks, so I've managed to stay relatively up to date on what's going on in the world. Here's a peek at what I've been reading + the food I want to be eating once I start cooking more regularly again. 

The 10 stages of the creative process. 

Ruth Reichl on food, writing and the joys of the baked potato.

Which type of library user are you?

Stop hustling and get your life back. 

Parents today are often chastised for being distracted by their devices, for devoting more attention to their phones than to their children.

Rethinking work.

A new way to entertain.

We create out loud.

A new approach: Screw finding your passion

Can you practice simple living but still love your stuff? 

Food I want to make: pumpkin spice latte, spelt cornbread with raspberries, amaranth porridge with roasted pears, and pumpkin flatbread with gruyere and sage.