New Addition

I spent last weekend going on long walks in our neighborhood, eating spicy Thai food, drinking raspberry leaf iced tea, and waiting. Early Monday morning before the sun rose, my water broke, and I went from being pregnant to being in labor to being a mother in roughly twelve hours. I might have more to say about that experience another time, but until then, would like to introduce you to Henry Cade Gulotta, born October 5, 2015.

We're over the moon. 

Clearly, this might alter my posting frequency for the next couple of months, which is to be expected. Literary City Guides are still streaming in (to some amazing destinations I can't wait to share), and as for the rest of it, I will be here as often as I can while I settle in to a brand new routine. 

Many of you have already sent your well wishes on social media and through touching emails, and I thank you for welcoming me into the parent club with such open arms and hearts. More soon. xo