"Tomato Pies, 25 Cents" by Grace Cavalieri + Margherita Pizza

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Andrew and I just had two cases of Zinfandel shipped to us from one of our wine clubs. You know, house wine for the holiday season... Obviously, we needed to test a bottle or two before serving it to our family and friends, so pizza night was in full force. And it got me thinking. Isn't pizza one of those quintessential childhood foods? So many memories of mine include dough, cheese, and red sauce. Pizza parties after soccer games. Ordering Little Caesars pizza every Monday night when my dad was teaching at the university. Sharing a pie at Woodstock's with my college roommates. Then I picked up the pre-made dough and sauce at Trader Joe's while my cooking muscles were still flexing. Today, there are gourmet pizza restaurants in every city, which I love, but making pizza at home is one of great pleasures of home cooking, I think. It's really not to be missed.