"The book serves as poetry anthology—with work by Mary Oliver, Jane Kenyon, Billy Collins, and others—and recipe book, "meant to serve both body and spirit equally." Poetry focuses your attention, makes you wider awake to the world; a good meal does the same—a nourishing combination."
Boston Globe

"Reading and eating. What could be more consoling?"
Sarah Murdoch, Toronto Star

"Such food memories form the heart of the book, and speak to the essential pleasures of preparing and sharing food."
Bliss Bowen, The Argonaut

"Eat This Poem is the starting point to an entirely different relationship with food. Food should be a joy, not a minefield of rules ... For those of us fortunate enough to live with abundance, we should appreciate and relish every morsel. Appreciation, like tossing pancakes or making roux, is a skill we can learn. Nicole Gulotta is an excellent teacher."
Lynda O'Gorman, Bookwitty

"So far, everything I’ve made has been delicious and extraordinary, plus the poems are easy to read, which is perfect before bed."
Nosh on Books

"Much like her blog by the same name, the book is both cozy and thoughtful, meant to be consumed in savored small bites."
—Marykate Smith DespresWink Books

"The collection of poems and recipes are a breath of fresh air in the cookbook realm."
Food Republic, The Earthy Beauty of Mushrooms

"This is a lovely book that will please the poetry lover, cookbook lover and lover of the written word."
Eat Your Books

"Nicole encourages us to slow down and really experience the process of making our meals and waiting for them to cook."
The Pleasures of Eating Mindfully, Kathryn Forsyth

Triple Ginger Coffee Cake / The Vanilla Bean Blog

Sweet & Savory Cornmeal Waffles / Sprouted Kitchen

Spaghetti with Parsley and Garlic Oil / Naturally Ella

Mushroom and Brie Quesadillas / A Couple Cooks

Radicchio Panzanella / Considering the Radish 

Moroccan-Roasted Lamb with Herb Yogurt / Food Republic

Soba Bowl with Braised Cabbage and Tahini Dressing / Eggplant & Olive

Almond Poppy Seed Scones / Hometown Pasadena

8 Great Mother's Day Must-Haves / Adventure Girl

"And that’s what Nicole is so good at: inviting us into the moments in her life—and even more, inviting us to make our own.
Megan Gordon, A Sweet Spoonful + Marge Granola

"The recipes and poems are woven together with Nicole’s personal thoughts and stories, and from what I have already seen it will be engaging to read as well as inspiring to cook from."
A Cookbook Inspired by Poetry, Peggy Acott

"The intersection of food and poetry is a fun one, full of sensory possibilities, and Nicole uncovers these, through healthy food and comfort food, family recipes and travel."
Whisks & Words

"Nicole is not preaching the gospel of a 30 minute meal. She’s not a chef whose sub-recipes have sub-recipes. Instead she’s an evangelist of the calming, attentive power cooking brings—choosing a peach, chopping parsley, gently cooking garlic until it’s just fragrant."
Allyson Batis, Considering the Radish

"In Nicole’s beautiful book, she pairs a poem with a recipe, and it is one of the most scrumptious things—both in terms of language and cuisine—that I have ever read."
Andi Cumbo-Floyd

"Pairing Nicole’s own rich food stories and kitchen experiments with poetry is the magic here."
third (story)ies

"It got right inside of me and reminded me how relevant, how meaningful, how deep poetry can go." 
Jamie Ridler

"Whether you like to cook or just like to eat, whether you love poetry or struggle to understand it, I’d recommend this for pleasant occasional reading."
Bookish Beck



"I’ll never forget discussing Gulotta’s passion and desire to create a cookbook based on Eat This Poem. Publishing is a feat many recipe developers and food writers aspire to, and one few achieve; but I knew then she had the drive to make it a reality."
Life & Thyme

"A cookbook with evocative illustrations, simple ingredients, more than 75 easy to follow recipes, and the best kind of writing: an intimacy that returns us to ourselves."
Cynthia Grady

"This experience reinforced my instincts about continuing to write, even when you don’t know how it all will end. I wanted to write a book, so even though I didn’t have a contract or an agent, I wrote it anyway."
A Conversation With Blogger and Author Nicole Gulotta,

"Food and poetry are the perfect combination for stillness, thoughtfulness, and a good life."
Jessica Voights,

"The blog is a feast for the senses, and the book is the very much the same."
Peggy Acott

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