What I'm Reading | November 2014

Brunch at Superba

On all the ways to write a recipe.

Bad soup.

My kind of dessert.

What book should you read next?

How to make your last name plural this holiday season.

The empty container.

Not everything is lost.

A wonderful interview with Jane Hirshfield. Also, Postscript: Galway Kinnell.

Your paper brain and your Kindle brain aren't the same thing

Speaking of Kindle's, I downloaded this book and this book for a long flight. 

A talent for recapturing wonder

"The chapter has become a way of looking at the world, a way of dividing time and, therefore, of dividing experience."

Saved for later: Crispy coconut kale with salmon, pumpkin nut milkpumpkin scones, ribollita, and sunflower seed rye bread.

The science behind baking your favorite chocolate chip cookie.

The art of keeping a journal.