Literary City Guide | Annapolis

“It’s what you do that makes your soul. ” — Barbara Kingsolver, born in Annapolis, Maryland

Maryland is not the state that comes to mind when I think of Barbara Kingsolver. Her essay collection, High Tide in Tucson plants her firmly in America's southwest, and her memoir Animal, Vegetable, Miracle chronicles the year her family lived off the land on their Southern Appalacia farm. But it turns out that one of my favorite writers was born in Annapolis, the location of our next literary city guide, so a quote of hers is only fitting. 

Kara Flynn grew up in Annapolis, and after spending several years living abroad, settled down the same town that's home to the U.S. Naval Academy. It's literary offerings are worth a trip, including European-style coffee shops, fresh crab at every turn, and a city tour that stops at St. John's, where the amateur poet and author of "The Star Spangled Banner" Francis Scott Key attended college. 

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