Food Bloggers for Slave-Free Tomatoes: Tomato Flatbreads with Anchovy Oil

If you've ever purchased an out-of-season tomato from a grocery store, there's a very, very good chance that your tomato was picked by a slave. In the United States. In or around the region of Immokalee, Florida.

It's shocking, isn't it? Slavery was abolished in this country, but the problem persists. The workers that are not enslaved, threatened with beatings, or held against their will, often live in sweatshop-like conditions in trailers, sheds, and homes in the region. It's no way to live, and it's entirely unacceptable that lawyers still deal with an average of 10-12 slavery cases at any given time. (Still not convinced? Meet Antonio, a former slave who escaped.)

But the good news here is that there's actually something we can do about it.