What I'm Reading | September 2014

I'm ready for stew, squash, and braised meat. Really. Summer was lovely, but it's time to settle in with chai lattes and snuggle up with cookbooks on a Saturday afternoon. While I wait for a weekend of rain to arrive, I've booked a vacation to Thailand (let me know any recommendations if you have them!) and decided I might need to preorder the new Kindle to survive the long flight. Happy fall! 

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Storytelling t-shirts (using a single word!)

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Setting a new pace. 

Why walking helps us think.

The gust of wind. And bean eaters.

For a weekend project, Thomas Keller's risotto.

Two British cookbooks I'm excited about.

72 ways food can change the world.

Reading is a sure fire way to cut stress.

Elizabeth Gilbert's really weird advice about following your passion.