On your bookshelf

A dream coming to fruition is simultaneously surreal and thrilling, like the sweet and savory flavor combination of sea salt and caramel or strawberry and balsamic vinegar. There's something intrinsically right about the whole thing.

You know I've been swept away by motherhood these past few months, but there's also been a birth of a different sort taking place. The kind with pages and black ink and binding.

I'm writing a cookbook.


Part of me wants to say I don't believe it, I'm still in the best kind of shock. In some ways this is true. But in another way, and perhaps a more important way, I'm fully grounded because this isn't a project that fell into my lap. I worked at it, I waited, I didn't give up. A lot has gone in behind the scenes for more than two years, actually.

One day I'll share more about the journey to publication, but for now, I just want to tell you that come Spring 2017, in time for National Poetry Month, you and I will be able to have a real, smell it, underline it, post-it-note stick it, hold-it-in-your-hands book. I can hardly wait.

Roost Books is the publisher, and like the blog posts you've come to expect from this space, the book will combine poetry, recipes, and stories, exploring all the ways poetry infuses our daily lives, especially in the kitchen. I hope it will find a space on your bookshelf.

Thank you as always for reading, and cheers to the year ahead. 


I know many of you readers are also writers, so throughout 2016 I've decided to share some behind-the-scenes glimpses into the writing process. I'll be dedicating a few upcoming newsletters to the subject, so if you'd like to learn more about writing a cookbook and my writing lessons in general, sign up here(If you already receive my monthly  newsletter, you're all set.)

Much more to come!