What I'm Reading | November 2015

I feel as though there is much to say, but I hardly know how to begin. My writing during the last two months has been sporadic at best, a jumble of notes saved on my phone, as blog drafts, and penciled into a journal I'm lucky if I remember to open every night. Although not much is well organized, the scattered thoughts and insights are there somewhere, and one day I know I'll revisit them. Today is not that day, however.

Thanksgiving was quiet for us this year. Our group was small, but I cooked almost everything from pumpkin pie to roast turkey breast. My two pearls of wisdom to remember for next year: Simmer your own turkey stock the weekend before. It makes for the very best pan gravy and stuffing. Also, if you have a smaller group, roast a turkey breast instead of an entire turkey.

So, we say goodbye to November with a few good reads from around the web. I can hardly believe it's December, the end to what ended up being a very, very good year, for myriad reasons.

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