What I'm Reading | March 2014

Kasey put it best when she wrote "March is like a long, flat stretch of road somewhere." I spent most of the month (and most of winter, really), seeking escape, quiet, and reflection, and I know many of you did, too. Whether it was relentless snow or a series of disappointments, we could all use some of spring's vibrant energy. Wherever you are, I hope the sunshine will soon follow, and in the meantime, a few links to kick-off this new and necessary season.

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Amtrak's plan to give free rides to writers.

Auden the philanthropist.

A new kind of cookbook.

Habits shape the life we live.

If Molly and Luisa are talking about, I need to make this soup immediately. 

Illustrated travel guides. 

Perspective in 25 tweets.

Where creatives fall into despair.

Weasel words to avoid in your writing. 

Sardines are having a moment. And kale is still here.

When worrying is about something bigger. 

25 quotes that will inspire fearless writing.