Literary City Guides: Glasgow and Barcelona

Literary City Guides are jetting back to Europe today, and welcoming two new countries to the mix! 

When I was in Scotland many years ago, Glasgow was one of the pass-through cities. We spent only one night there, and my one memory is of the sun setting over the river near our hotel. I saw most of the city through from behind a tour bus, and didn't venture out at all the way I would today. Luckily, Utah-based Rosie Liljenquist used to call the city home, and her recommendations will have Glasgow charming its way to your hearts.

I've been to Spain also, but not to Barcelona (sadly). The three days I spent there were based in Madrid, with a train ride to Seville in between. Camila Loew lived in Barcelona since 1998, and recently moved to the Bay Area. She recently moved to the Bay Area by way of Barcelona, and her local perspective is one to rely on during your next visit. There are plenty of good bookstores, cafes for tea and coffee lovers alike, and more pastry shops than you probably need. Luckily, Barcelona is a walkable city, so all will balance out.