Literary City Guides: Boston and Cambridge

The summer after my junior year of high school, we took a family vacation to the east coast, spending almost three weeks on what we affectionally refer to now as "The American History Tour." With stops in Philadelphia, Washington DC, Boston, Cambridge, Charlottesville, and Cape Cod, it was an immersion in American history. Everything from the Liberty Bell to the theatre where Abraham Lincoln was shot, to Plymouth Rock (smaller than I thought it would be, not unlike when you see the Mona Lisa in Paris), was on our agenda. 

Today's city guides brought back fond memories of that trip. And! Not only are today's two cities ultimate literary destinations, they also mark guides 49 and 50! That's right, we have 50 literary city guides! This time last year, we launched with San Francisco, Nashville, and Los Angeles, thanks to my friends Stacy and Shanna. Now, Literary City Guides have spread their wings and I love having a place for contributors to share the best resources in the towns they know best.

To all the contributors we've had over the past year, THANK YOU! The guides work because of your unique voices and experiences, and I'm privileged you've shared them with me on Eat This Poem.

Celebrate with us and stop by Boston and Cambridge!