What I'm Reading | August 2015


It feels like I keep repeating myself. This month was a whirlwind, just as the month before it. August brought a baby shower, a dinner party, two birthday parties (on the same day), Andrew's business trip to Sweden (plus my solo trip to the market), and all manner of things nursery-related including shelf hanging, picture framing, and rug shopping. We're still not done, but we're very, very close.

To keep it together, I've been drinking pitchers of watermelon-lime agua fresca and not sharing. This is not an exaggeration. (I blame it on Life & Thyme, who came over do a little photo shoot in my kitchen.)

So now we enter September. The final month of summer, the final month of pregnancy (!), and the final month of life as I currently know it. Here we go.

Your favorite grammar rule is probably fake. 

5 reasons not to bash food bloggers. (A rebuttal to this.)

With new homes come new hankerings. 

Leisure in a culture of workaholism.

Even when you feel unintentional, every action you take still holds purpose.

Here's what dinner with a longevity expert looks like. And what we learn from old recipes.

Why are we so distracted all the time?

Elizabeth Gilbert's unexpected secret to success. Also, have you started listening to her new podcast? 

A tale of two kitchens in Sicily and Rome.

Why you should carry a notebook with you everywhere. 

Fellow food blogger Cara Nicoletti has a new cookbook coming out, and Food & Wine sat down with her to chat about it. 

A few recipes that caught my eye this month: eggplant meatballs, no-churn mint ice cream, and sesame noodles with cucumber.