Literary City Guides: Atlanta + Lancaster

Literary City Guides have featured a number locations you might readily associate with a rich literary history, like San Francisco and London, but some of the best discoveries are smaller cities and towns that have just as much to offer as their big-city counterparts. 

Visit  literary Atlanta .  Photo by Acree Macam.

Visit literary Atlanta. Photo by Acree Macam.

Tour guide Acree Macam is a graduate of Emory's prestigious creative writing program, and is no stranger to Atlanta's bustling dining scene. Her recommendations include stops at a magical children's bookstore, the victorian home of Br'er Rabbit author Joel Chandler, and a seafood restaurant you'll need to make a reservation for months in advance.

Charming downtown  Lancaster .  Photo by Liza Munk.

Charming downtown Lancaster. Photo by Liza Munk.

Lancaster is a college town (home to Franklin & Marshall), as well as home to our tour guide and recent F&M graduate Lisa Munk. There are several local coffee shops to keep you fueled for touring the nearby library and bookstore, and if you have a sweet tooth, choose from cupcakes, crepes, or ice cream cones to satisfy your cravings.