What I'm Reading | May 2014

Brunch at  Playa Provisions

I'm normally going on an on about asparagus and peas this time of year, but the entire month of May has turned life upside down, leaving me little time to fawn over spring produce. On May 1st, I was exactly four days into a new job, and today, we're moving! In between, I celebrated my birthday (at one of my favorite LA restaurants), and ate exactly one pint of gorgeous strawberries, while standing in my kitchen last night, packing up the plates and baking dishes. It was the opposite of glamorous, but perfect just the same. 

Have a meal with Virginia Woolf.

Food Bloggers Los Angeles published a mac and cheese ebook, and proceeds will benefit the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank. 

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Vincent Van Gogh and the importance of doing.

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How not to be obnoxious even though you're passionate. 

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