What I'm Reading | January 2014


Even typing 2014 is a little unnerving, don't you think? But here we are, one month in. I donated a pile of clothes I don't wear anymore, relaunched The Giving Table (hooray!) (Also, if you're a food blogger, you might be interested in joining our next campaign on February 10th), and have been cooking a lot of beans

“Magical thinking makes you crazy and renders everything possible.”

Spontaneous subway poems

Is blogging a dead language?

Nigel Slater's work week diary

I write, therefore I cook. 

"No matter how many layers, the cold will always find the skin in this type of weather."

On navigating our collective food anxiety.

Bottling simplicity

When a food writer can't taste

Committing, with lentils

Stop telling yourself you're not a good enough writer.

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