What I'm Reading | September 2013


Happy fall! The seasons changed on September 23, finishing up a season of tomato love, Los Angeles heat waves, and popsicle eating. Here are a few things that caught my eye this month. 

10 great poems and the paintings that inspired them

Netflix for books has arrived. 

Bringing your lunch to work just got more exciting

If famous writers had Instagram.  

On poetry's use and uselessness.  

Some of my favorite bloggers just announced book deals! Rachel and Tara, I can't wait.

This needs to be part of my fall baking routine. 

Another new-to-me blog from a fellow LA resident, all about healthy eating. 

"Poetry is not just a reflection of physical experience, or an exercise in creative expression. It has the power to transform, in that it bears witness to a transcendent order. For Heaney, the very existence of poetry stands against the idea of an empty, meaningless life." -Ethan McCarthy on Seamus Heaney

33 of the most hilariously terrible first sentences in literature history.

I'm smitten with most recipes from Nigel Slater, and this one is perfect to kick off fall braising.

Pickles, anyone? 

Pretty little mug for afternoon tea.