What I'm Reading | October 2013


Anything can happen.

 The Peace of Wild Things

Fall is rolling in like the tide... 

Outrageous oatmeal cookies

The quest for Hemingway's hamburger. 

Food humor for your iPhone case.

Ashley's chanterelle chowder.  

When no one shows up to your book signing. 

A new Edgar Allen Poe exhibit.

Creativity takes courage.  

Naturally Ella's round up of fall recipes has me craving pumpkin. Also, pumpkin coffee cake.

Carson McCullers often forgot to clean her kitchen.

This baby was born in Barnes & Noble

How to tell your beans that you are the boss

Do you keep a dream journal?

25 rare photos of famous writers. 

Something for your bookshelf. 

Lit mag humor for a tech-savvy world.