ETP Contest: Download the Anthology!

It's contest week at Eat This Poem! Now, it's time to share the anthology, featuring 20 poems representing the best of this year's entries. Congratulations to everyone who is included! 

Contest Anthology - Table of Contents

first place

Sukiyaki | Linda Parsons Marion

Q & A

Recipe: Japanese Hot Pot

second place

Translation | MariJean Sanders

Q & A

Recipe: Pumpkin Snickerdoodles

 Green Olives with Medjool Dates | Amy MacLennan

Couscous & Almonds | Koromone Koroye

i believe in breakfast | Abby Leigh

Reading Poems During Lunch at El Arado | Sarah Suksiri

You are what you eat (in Ireland) | AKaiser

The Love Song of J. Alice Beefstock | Susan Wolbarst

Be Warned | Emily Ruth Hazel

Initiate Insomnia | Matt Hemmerich

Brassica oleracea capitata | Claudia F. Savage

Kimchi is for Lovers | Aubrey Ryan

Blood Orange | Tasha Cotter

On the Way to an Undetermined Westerly Location, You Pause on the Eastern Shore | Natasha Kochicheril Moni

A Note Tucked With My Wife’s Will and Personal Directives | Pat Phillips West

The Salad Course | Dawn Corrigan

Slightly Controversial For A Food Poetry Competition | Sarah Elizabeth Davis

Grist | Kate Peterson

Autumn | Mary Hamrick

Everybody Made Soups | Lisa Coffman