Literary City Guides: College Town Edition

It's time for the next installment of Literary City Guides! 

College towns have all the trappings of a great literary destination: Big libraries, campus readings, hip restaurants, and cozy coffee shops. Today, we're visiting the cities home to Cornell and the University of Virginia, brought to you by two local writers who know the best places to eat, drink, and find a good quality used book.

The residents of Ithaca, New York are so passionate about reading that they once banded together to save a bookstore on the verge of closing. Midwestern transplant Julie Grice from Savvy Eats shares the local spots to buy used books, grab a cup of coffee, and eat the best thin crust pizza.

Charlottesville, Virignia is home to UVA and a highly-ranked creative writing program, but its charming downtown and proximity to wine country makes it a haven for food lovers, too. Writer and blogger Lindsey Hepler (check out her blog The Next Course where she delves into the role blogs play in society), takes us on a tour of the city she calls home.