Why a Three-Day Distraction Cleanse Will Jump-Start Your Writing

Today I'm guest posting over at Positive Writer, and I have some tips on jump-starting your next writing project. Here's a sneak peek! 


I don’t have time.

Have you ever used this excuse to avoid pursuing a writing project?

We live in a distracting world, and can easily get off track despite our good intentions. As relaxing as it might be, we don't need to watch the latest singing competition. As tempting as it is, we don't need to check our Facebook feed to see pictures from our high school best friend's summer vacation. Distractions simply pull us away from the real work of writing.

Instead of confronting our distractions head on, we lie to ourselves. I don't have time. We blame our lack of writing on other obligations. I have to go see a movie this weekend. I have to meet my co-workers for a drink tonight.

These are merely choices we make. We often choose mindlessness over creativity, and although that’s fine once in a while or after a rough day at work, if making excuses becomes a habit, we’ll never carve out time to write.

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