What I'm Reading | July 2013


A few notes about July. 

It was hot. My friend had the very good sense to get married in Napa, which meant a fun getaway over the holiday weekend. The tomatoes are coming! My puppy turned 2. Restaurant Week in LA meant checking out a few new spots. And, here's what I've been reading and eating.

The surprising history of the pencil.

Social networking really got started in the 1600s.

Strawberry limeade popsicles will make the hot days more bearable.

10 useful links for writers and bloggers.

This journal covered in gold foil polka dots needs to be on my desk.

Anthony Bourdain reads Derek Halpern's poem, "How to Eat Alone." 

"Write drunk; edit sober." Take this Hemingway quote with you wherever you go. 

Visual poetry? There's an app for that. 

Mr. Darcy surfaces as a statue in London lake. Hmm.

Perfect summer dessert. This one too. And these.

So true.

Advice to young writers.

50 places every literary fan should visit. This pairs nicely with Eat This Poem's new feature, Literary City Guides.   

How to be interesting at a dinner party. (See photo below.) (Thanks Dana for sharing this link!)