10 Things | August

I'm a couple of days late, but here's what I loved most about the hot month of August.

1. Grate a tomato, rub bread with garlic, and eat. Do it before the season's over.

2. The Everygirl is a practical and stylish website I'm really enjoying.

3. Giddy when this new cookbook arrived.

4. Tried some new restaurants this month. Celebrated Julia Child here and all around seasonal fare here.

5. Shirts for recovering English majors.

6. Oxford Dictionaries Online's new food word additions include 'frankenfish' and 'locavore.'

7. Thinking of moving to Argentina when I retire.

8. Her smoky voice at the Hollywood Bowl made for a memorable summer evening.

9. Writer food from A to Z.

10. I've been pinning to my dessert board like crazy. Fall will be tasty.