10 Things | June

1. Currently loving turquoise.

2. Thomas Hill Organics, Paso Robles. Healthy fare, shaded patio, all organic produce.

3. How to eat well on the road this summer.

4. A snazzy collage maker, perfect for Facebook cover photos.

5. Getting excited for all the amazing cookbooks hitting the shelves this fall from Deb, Sara and Luisa.

6. I've been meaning to sign up for one of these creative classes.

7. Seared tuna, grilled octopus, pizza and fried wokfish at Honu in Maui (see picture above).

8. Dreaming of Rome. This film will have to suffice.

9. Hugo in his eco-friendly dog house.

10. Nut butters. Wondering where they've been all my life.