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"There are very few things that go better together in this world than books and coffee shops." Career Contessa, The Smartest Lifestyle Blogs to Read Secretly at Work (12/15/15)

"Love to eat? Love to read? The two don't have to go hand in hand, but in this case the two traits make for delicious city guides." —Los Angeles Times, " recommends foodie stops and food for thought" (3/1/15)

"English majors, rejoice! Nicole Gulotta of Eat This Poem curates literary city guides; consider them your field guide to the best bookstores, coffee shops, places to have a proper meal and other fun finds." —Travel Channel, "Our Favorite Travel Blogs for 2015" (2/22/15)

"Nicole Gulotta works with local writers to highlight the best bookstores, reading nooks, and restaurants for the traveling bookworm who has an appetite for both food and fiction." —Fathom, "24 Best Travel Blogs and Websites for 2015" (1/14/15)

"If you're after a meal inspired by poetry, then US poet Nicole Gulotta's Eat This Poem blog has a pantry-full of them." —The Guardian, "Can Shakespeare and Keats Address Today's Food Security Challenges?" (5/1/14)

"With beautiful photography, meaningful content about food and poetry (or, sometimes, writing in general), and a recipe tie-in, the blog is fantastic. But even better is the Right Brains Society, her newsletter that comes direct to your inbox." —Food Riot, "Foodie Newsletters You Should Subscribe to" (4/24/14)

"Her focused analysis of the poems (in the way that only a creative writing grad can do) and careful consideration of the recipes to follow is inspiring." —Gather Journal, Eat This Poem (1/8/13)

"Gulotta’s blog is striking in an unfussy way — quaint, like reading poetry from hardbound books while sipping tea."—Arizona Daily Wildcat, "Eat This Poem creator mixes wordplay with food play" (10/1/12)

"The poem now lives on and off the page." —Food & Think Blog, Smithsonian Magazine, "From the Page to Plate: Bringing Literary Dishes to Life" (8/20/12)

"She is at her best, and the connections most interesting, when she is inspired by a poem that contains a direct reference to a foodstuff."Food As Art, The Guardian (8/3/12)

"Nicole serves up poetic analysis, personal anecdotes, and some killer recipes.""Two Blogs for Chefs and Poets Alike," Poetry Foundation Blog (7/6/12)

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"With insightful and eloquent posts, a well-curated selection of poetry, and delicious original recipes, we are thoroughly taken with her unique approach to food blogging." —Saveur, Sites We Love (7/5/12)

"We're happy to introduce you to a fabulous food blogger..." —Alimentum Journal, Food Blog Favs (7/1/12)

"Eat This Poem is written by Nicole Gulotta who has an MFA in poetry enabling her to marry beautiful words with delicious food." —Christian Science Monitor, Stir it Up! (6/28/12)

"So far the blog is very new, but it's already charmed its way into my heart." —The Kitchn, Food Blog Spotlight: Eat This Poem (2/1/12)

Publicatons & Guest Posts

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Christian Science Monitor: "Ripe for a Bagel Spread," (online and print editions; 4/12/12)

Remedy Quarterly, "The Global Table," (Issue 5, 2011)

Migration published by Iowa State University Press/ Winner, flyway: Journal of Writing and Environment chapbook contest (2009)

Winner, California Writer's Club poetry contest for "La Jolla" (2008)

*Poetry published in The Allegheny Review, The Portland Review, Georgetown Review, Journal of Ekphrasis, The Birmingham Review, Natural Bridge, and Spectrum, among others.


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