RBS is a digital club for creative-types


Content to fuel your creativity

The Right Brains Society is a digital newsletter, and my version of sending you a handwritten note. You can look forward to musings on topics like writing, blogging, poetry, living a creative life, how not to hate your day job, and finding beauty in our routines.

RBS is governed by the following principles:

1. We are inherently creative.
2. We desire to offer something to the world. 
3. There is value in the process.
4. We don't always know what we want to be when we grow up.
5. Inspiration can strike at any moment.
6. Balancing work and creativity is hard.
7. Reading is invaluable.
8. Surrounding ourselves with others who share common interests is essential.
9. The work is never finished.
10. Carpe diem.

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