Arugula and Nectarine Salad

A few months ago when Andrew and I visited wine country, we tasted a lovely Viognier from Melville. It smelled like nectarine from the first swirl, and tasted sweet, yet dry. We bought a bottle and I immediately started thinking of what to serve it with. I imagined my favorite kind of meal: a lingering summer evening with cheese, bread, and a light main course.


Thank you, Food and Wine for a wonderful recipe. If you examine the magazine photo closely, you'll notice that my salad looks nothing like it. To make it a main course, I used a salad-appropriate amount of arugula, gave up on cutting perfect goat cheese rounds, and substituted nectarines for the apricots. I suppose I don't need to tell you how well the evening went. We also ate these for dessert, which, as I've already explained, are only mildly addicting.


For the original recipe, head to Food and Wine