Roasted Tomatoes with Ricotta

Tomatoes look cute all dressed up, don’t they? This dish might be an appetizer, but it became an entrée last week when we had an unexpected snag in the kitchen. I came home from work (planning to make grilled fish and these tomatoes), and smelled gas leaking.
We called the gas company (around 6 pm), who arrived hours later (at 8:30 pm) and munched on cereal while waiting for them to arrive. The fish was saved for another day, but I decided to put these together and keep them in the fridge so we’d have something more savory to eat as a late night snack. As soon as the front door closed (gas problem fixed!) I popped these into the oven, and we devoured them almost before I had a chance to take their picture.

For the recipe, head over to The Pioneer Woman