Manchego with Honey Butter Sauce


Write these items on your grocery list: Manchego cheese, honey, and butter. Now, don't think. Just get what I told you and you will not be sorry. Manchego on its own is a delicious cheese, but just imagine the nutty flavor of brown butter and the sweetness of honey harmonizing in your mouth. Plus the light crunch of a water cracker…I can’t believe I almost didn’t post this because it was “just a little appetizer!”

I sat for several minutes thinking of how I could describe this to you, which adjectives could convince you of its magic, but I concluded that words, in this case, are somewhat useless. And the more of them I use, the more you must read before heading to the store for the main ingredient.

Manchego with Honey Butter Sauce

Ingredients 4 tbsp. butter

1 tablespoons honey

Manchego cheese wedge

Sea salt

Directions Melt butter in small saute pan, and cook until it turns a golden brown. Drizzle in honey and stir to incorporate. Pour over cheese wedge and sprinkle with sea salt.