Sprinkles Cupcakes - Part 2

I recently posted about using Sprinkles mix to make delicious cupcakes in a snap, and this weekend I had the pleasure of being in Los Angeles to experience the sheer bliss that is Sprinkles in Beverly Hills. There was a line out the frosted glass door, but the wait (a mere 10 minutes) was completely worth it.

I should briefly mention that other patrons thought I was from out of state due to my excessive picture taking, but I wasn’t about to leave this off my blog.

I like to think I’m somewhat of a cupcake connoisseur. At my office in Santa Barbara, my department has taken upon itself the task of discovering the best cupcakes in the region. As one of two lead cupcake testers, I’ve tasted my share of treats and found that most cupcakeries/bakeries excel at either frosting or cake, but not both. So when the first bite of my strawberry Sprinkles cupcake entered my mouth, every taste bud rejoiced.

I could easily detect the fresh strawberries used in the frosting, but the flavors were subtle, a nice surprise since it’s incredibly easy to have frosting that’s too sugary. But it doesn’t stop there. The cake underneath was moist and fluffy, making for a perfect bite every time. Married with a glass of cold, skim milk, I was in heaven for about fifteen minutes.