Travel: San Diego


This past weekend we headed to San Diego to visit some friends who hand-picked our culinary stops. Below are a few of the places we visited, along with links in case you'd like to visit yourself.



Bleu Boheme

In the Kensington neighborhood, new restaurant Bleu Boheme presents dishes right out of Julia Child’s cookbook. The menu, written out on a wall-sized chalk board, offers French classics like Boeuf Bourguignon and Coq Au Vin served alongside crusty sourdough bread placed on an artisan wood platter.

My Filet Mignon was served on a long plate flanked by sautéed green beans and shallots, and Bleu Boheme's signature fries. The potatoes are cut long and skinny, dusted with flaky sea salt, minced rosemary, and sprinkled with lavender - an intoxicating combination. Dripping candles and classic French music create warm ambiance perfect for a cozy dinner with friends.


San Diego Wine & Culinary Center

Sit outside around a fire pit to warm up on a cool southern California night at this perfect post-dinner wine bar. For $7, a server will bring you three tastings of local, Temecula valley wine, or you can choose a glass of the house wine for $5. Add a cheese platter and relax downtown after a long day.

Petco Park

This was my first professional baseball game in years, and despite the overpriced, sugar covered, and saturated fat-filled offerings, I wasn't about to forgo some classic ballpark food. Two hot dogs and a bottle of water will set you back $15. But don’t forget the enormous snow cones ($4.50) and sweet kettle corn ($5). Have fun watching the game and you’ll forget about the hole in your wallet.