The Spice Chronicles

“Autumn flings her fiery cloak
over the sumac, beech and oak.”

-Susan Lendroth

I have a lot of spices.

Or, I had a lot of spices. It was time to take an honest look at the jars in my spice drawer, and curate my collection a bit. 

My purging was conducted in the name of food writing, actually, because I've debuted a new bi-monthly column over at Life & Thyme, called The Spice Chronicles. You'll find me cooking my way through my spice cabinet, and the first installment features sumac.

My pal Antonio (and editor-in-chief of Life & Thyme) paid me a visit last month to shoot the photos, and here are a few lovely images from the afternoon. For the pumpkin hummus and garlic flatbread recipes, head here.