butternut squash

"Hunting the Cotaco Creek" by Charles Gigna + Butternut-Leek Soup from Whole Larder Love

Disclaimer: I was given an advance copy of this cookbook for the purposes of a review. All opinions are my own.

I've just emerged from being transported to a way of life and way of cooking that, living in an urban city, seems almost entirely out of reach. At first, I wondered if I'd be able to connect with the recipes. I don't hunt quail, kill my own chickens, or cure my own prosciutto. But Rohan Anderson doesn't mind if you're a city-dweller. Instead, he's just trying to nudge us all into a direction of eating more locally, sustainably, and getting off the hamster wheel.

"For many of us, life is jammed with rush, noise, convenience, and stress. There is little time left for contact with the natural world... Why are we living like this? Never in our history have we been so well off, yet living such poor quality lives. Is this all there is? Surely not." -Rohan Anderson